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Engage, Connect and Explore Unique Places – in the US and Overseas with UnCRUISE Small Ship Adventures! 

Small Ships and Big Adventures UnCruise small ship adventures takes you to unique places to uncover hidden treasures, meet the locals (the human, the feathered, and the wild-and-woolly ones) and learn new skills as you are immersed in the natural world, all while enjoying unforgettable experiences and creating memories to treasure for a lifetime!



If it is spectacular Alaska that excites you, where the mountains are huge and enormous trees tower above you.  The wildlife population and the native vegetation is resurging from the destruction of the canneries and mines of decades ago.  The humpback whale population has exploded to an estimated 2,100, and sea otters have recovered from just a few surviving in the 1980s to 10,300 in Glacier Bay today.  “Being able to sail into isolated coves, through narrow passages and enjoy being away from the crowds is well worth it.  Love that the crew would keep a look out and that the boat would stop and swing back for more views” remarked an Alaska UnCruise passenger.



Or are you fascinated by the Lewis and Clarke expedition, the Oregon trail pioneers, the wineries, or the eight locks and dams to traverse between Portland, Oregon and Lewiston, Idaho,  on the Columbia and Snake Rivers?




Other more far flung adventures include Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, the great state of Hawaii, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, and Panama.  With all small ship UnCruise adventures, you are headed to where the big ships cannot go and nature is memorisingly spectacular! There are preset itineraries for the UnCruise adventure journeys, but Mother Nature always leads the way and in-the-moment changes will happen – No two UnCruise departures are ever quite the same!


Last April, two of our Brandywine Travel staff, Mamie and Dot, headed to the Pacific Northwest, to the San Juan Islands and the Wilderness of the Olympic National Park in Washington State.   Mamie recounted “I was disconnected from the world, the nightly news, technology, and wholly immersed in nature.  I relaxed totally.”  The days were a profusion of fresh air and outdoor exploration; late afternoons were a specially prepared cocktail and hors d’oeuvres, and, in the evening,  a delicious meal with a relaxing glass of wine or beer, a luxurious hot tub soak, and a little information and education to prepare for the next days adventures. “I went to bed totally exhausted and slept really, really well.” 


Every day they were on a different island, kayaking or skiffing (small boats), paddle boarding, stepping out on long or short hikes, all led by enthusiastic and engaging expedition crew members.  They would always return to the ship for lunch, relaxation, and then it was on to the afternoon activity.  For Dot, the most memorable activity was the sea kayaking.   She was determined to accomplish a new skill on her adventure vacation, and she had several opportunities to hone her talent on the water, rain or shine.    Each evening there was an information-packed session on the next day’s destination and activities, and of course, time to enjoy a drink from the bar, socialize with the crew and fellow passengers, and relive the days adventures.


Many of the UnCruise adventure cruises follow a theme with an expert on board to inform, challenge and teach.  For their cruise, the theme was local craft beer.  They had the opportunity to learn brew-culture, visit an artisanal brewery,  particpate in beer tastings, and compare brew pairings with different foods.  A very popular theme is the bird watching cruise where an ornithologist will guide you to discover the unique characteristics of the amazing winged creatures you will encounter on your cruise. There are photography cruises, where a professional will instruct you on capturing the perfect photo shot, both on board the ship and in the field. Other interesting themes are storytelling, musical entertainment, and area marine and wild-life.


UnCruise is totally “all inclusive.”  Excursions and on board activities are included in the price of the cruise.   Spirits, wine and beer are all included as well. Breakfast and lunch are buffet, dinner is sit-down service, surf, turf or vegetarian, and the cuisine uses locally sourced ingredients where ever possible.    One night there was a crab feast and another day there was a beach BBQ for lunch.  While docked in Port Angelos, as a special treat the Hotel Manager, Ian, purchased fresh oysters to serve during the cocktail hour and everyone was thrilled.  Each day is so very unique and unforgettable. 


A traditional UnCruise activity included the polar plunge, a spectacular dive off the side of the ship, purely optional, of course! Mamie, ever the adventurous one, joined the hardy group who took the plunge.  In April, the water temperature is a chilling 55 degrees.  Dot who felt that “discretion was the greater part of valor,”  observed the tenacious group from a warm dry cozy nook.  The hot tub was a welcome warm glow for those who were brave enough to take the plunge.  

When asked what was the most memorable part of the cruise, Mamie and Dot both immediately responded “the people, the crew.  They were awesome, always positive, upbeat, enthusiastic, smiling, and clearly loved their job."  The ship had an open bridge policy, so they could go up onto the bridge anytime, have a captains-eye view of the water ahead and learn all about navigation between the islands and the wildlife.  Where else could you do that?

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