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Service – Service – Service  A client needed to return to Australia to visit family, a few months after having already obtained a visa and completed the original trip that they booked through Brandywine Travel. The question was: “was the original visa issued a single entry or a multiple entry visa?” If single, then they need to apply for a another visa. For many countries, the Embassy inserts a piece of paper into the passport and handwrites the expiration date, etc. so you can easily find out the status of the visa. However, in the days of technology, even visas are changing – the Australian government uses a totally electronic system now, with nothing in the passport. So how do you know if you were issued a single or multiple entry visa? After some digging in our database, we were able to find out that they needed to apply for a new one. Brandywine Travel is With YOU All the Way - before and after your trip! Because you booked your trip through Brandywine Travel, we were able to access the right information and give you the answer you needed! Would an online travel agency have provided that level of service?


HURRICANE IRMA: We are with YOU all the way 

During Hurricane Irma one of our client families was vacationing on a 7 day Caribbean cruise. The ship had departed from Fort Lauderdale but could not get back into port  because of the path of the hurricane. So their 7 day cruise became a 10 day cruise! Our clients had booked a post-cruise night in Fort Lauderdale and had prepaid  for their transfers. Now they could not use them. They emailed us from the ship to keep us informed as to changes in itinerary as they were announced on board the ship. As soon as we knew they would not be back in time for the extra night, we phoned the cruise line, and after a 35 minute wait on the phone we were able to ensure that the cruise line had cancelled the post-cruise hotel night and the transfers. We then replied to our clients on the ship to reassure them that their bookings had been cancelled without any penalty. When you book your travel through Brandywine Travel We are with YOU all the way. You can call someone you know, who is familiar with your travel itinerary. We will do our best to resolve the issue and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation with no worries!


Persistence – We won’t accept less than our client has paid for & expects!  WE have your back! 

A jet fuel pipeline supplying Auckland International Airport ruptured, and that immediately impacted some Air New Zealand flights. Our client was on one of the few long haul flights that was cancelled. Our client had insisted on the “Skycouch” seat upgrade (a great unique upgrade allowing you to lie down flat in economy class) and we knew how important it was to her. To reserve a Skycouch, you must first buy the plane ticket and then you buy the Skycouch upgrade. We called Air New Zealand  and our travel partner in New Zealand to make sure our client was not only rerouted on another flight but also was given the Skycouch that she had already paid for. The airline rerouted her, but did not bother to transfer the reservation upgrade for the Skycouch. Our travel partner and Air New Zealand were only concerned with getting our client a seat on a flight, and felt that their responsibility was complete. But NO, that was not acceptable to Brandywine Travel!  We knew how important it was to our client to have the Skyouch, and we wanted to make sure that despite the stress of a cancelled, then rerouted flight, her travel would be in comfort. We wanted to make sure that nothing would spoil her trip of a lifetime. In order for her to upgrade to a Skycouch on the new flight, Air New Zealand cancelled the old upgrade, issued a refund, and our client had to pay again for the upgrade on the rerouted flight. Through all this we were in constant communication with our client in Auckland, and their family here in Nashville. After two hours of persistence and follow up on the phone, we were assured the upgrade had been issued. Our client was delighted to text us from Auckland Airport when they had their precious Skycouch boarding pass in hand. It was only Brandywine Travel that insisted that our client be able to purchase the Skycouch upgrade. Our travel partner and Air New Zealand felt that a seat on the plane was good enough, but that is the Brandywine Travel difference and why we say “We Will be With YOU All the Way!"


Persistence Does Pay Off – we insist on a refund for our client

Image result for refund iconOur client had requested an Economy Comfort seat and had paid the additional fees to the airline. An economy comfort seat gives you about 4 – 6 inches of extra space front to back. It doesn’t sound like much but it makes a world of difference! The morning of the flight, we received notification that the flight had been cancelled due to mechanical problems. We immediately called the airline to get an updated status, and noted that our client had been rerouted on the same airline, with a new seat assignment that was not Economy Comfort. We then notified the client of the issue by text. We also contacted the airline. After an hour on the phone with customer service, the airline finally agreed to give the client her refund – but said it would take 3 to 4 weeks for the client to see it back on their credit card.  We were pleased to hear from our client that they actually received the refund quite quickly. Knowing that a passenger has the right to ask for the refund, and then persisting on the phone until the airline agrees to give the refund is the benefit of the Professional Expertise and Consultation Services that booking your trip through Brandywine Travel gives you.



Overseas - and our child gets sick - who do we call?  Brandywine Travel, of course!

We had arranged a vacation to the UK for a mother and her young daughter. The vacatiion included an overnight to Paris on the Eurostar. In addition, we arranged for a private sightseeing tour of Paris with a personal guide. The family enjoyed a meal and then met with their private guide who led them on a fascinating tour of Paris. During the night, the daughter became quite ill and the family decided to forgo the rest of the Paris trip, and get back to London as soon as possible. Their guide  escorted them to the train station and  translated as needed. Because we booked their sightseeing tour with a company that we know and trust, they had our contact information, and their guide was able to email us and let us know of the family’s situation. The mother texted us for help even though, with the time difference, she knew it was very early morning in Nashville. She knew she could reach out to us and she could depend on us to help out and provide specific direction is a very stressful situation. When you book your vacation with Brandywine Travel, you know you have someone to call when the unexpected happens. We are with YOU all the way! Someone who can help you find a solution to the immediate crisis and, more importantly, give you peace of mind!  That's why our clients come back to us again and again for their vacation plans!  


We are just a phone call away when you have a concern 

One of our clients saw two charges from the supplier on her credit card statement and was concerned. She thought that perhaps she had been overcharged and called Brandywine Travel. Our Professional Travel consultant immediately called up the supplier, asked to review the charges, found out exactly what the two charges covered, and called the client back to reassure her that everything was in order. Knowing who to call and the right questions to ask is the benefit of booking your trip through Brandywine Travel!


A Look at the Budget

We follow up and stay on the phone when there is a concern - so you don't have to!  We booked one cabin for a family on a major cruise line. Then an additional family member joined the group so our client booked a second cabin. Weeks later, our client checked on the Cruise Manager Internet Portal for cruise line passengers to look at the booking. Our client became concerned when the system showed only one cabin booked instead of the two, so they called Brandywine Travel. We immediately called the cruise line reservation office. We provided all the details regarding the two bookings and they said they would call us right back. After three hours and no call back, we called the cruise line again to follow up. We knew the client was worried and needed an answer right away. We provided all the details again, and this time we were informed that the cruise line had been experiencing problems with the cruise portal ever since Hurricane Irma hit Miami. We called the client back and confirmed that the bookings were in order, and that the issue was a temporary technical problem with the website. Staying on the phone, following up when calls are not returned as promised, and confirming that your booking is all in order is what we do to provide the extra level of service, so you don't have to! Brandywine Travel is with YOU all the way!